Learn Your Muscles: Triceps Brachii

It is sometimes called a three-headed muscle (Latin literally three-headed, tri – three, and ceps, from caput – head), because there are three bundles of muscles, each of different origins, joining together at the elbow.

Though a similarly named muscle, the triceps surae, is found on the lower leg, the triceps brachii is commonly called the triceps.

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Triceps Brachii.png

Leg Lifts

The leg raise is a strength training exercise which targets the iliopsoas (the interior hip flexors). The Psoas muscle is attached to the vertebrae and so in turn reduces strain on the lower back.

Because the abdominal muscles are used isometrically to stabilize the body during the motion, leg raises are also often used to strengthen the rectus abdominis muscle and the internal and external oblique muscles.

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Leg Lifts.png

Massage & Sports Injuries

Sports massage has a specific physical goal; to help prevent injury- or in the event of injury, to help heal it as part of an injury management program. It’s very different from a relaxing massage at a spa; it’s designed to reduce muscle tension, improve blood and nutrient flow, as well as waste product elimination.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a weekend warrior who enjoys a run, everyone will benefit from incorporating sports massage into their schedule and as part of their training regime on two levels; it will help prevent injury in the first place, and it will help you recover from the demands you’ve put on yourself.

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Learn Your Muscles: Deltoids

In human anatomy, the deltoid muscle is the muscle forming the rounded contour of the shoulder. Anatomically, it appears to be made up of three distinct sets of fibers though electromyography suggests that it consists of at least seven groups that can be independently coordinated by the nervous system.

It was previously called the deltoideus (plural deltoidei) and the name is still used by some anatomists. It is called so because it is in the shape of the Greek capital letter delta (Δ). It is also known as the common shoulder muscle, particularly in other animals such as the domestic cat.

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Wall Sits

A wall sit is an exercise done to strengthen the quadriceps muscles and in turn take pressure off the lower back. It is characterized by the two right angles formed by the body, one at the hips and one at the knees.

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Wall Sits.png

Massage & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is numbness, tingling, and weakness in your hand because of pressure on the median nerve in your wrist.

The median nerve and several tendons run from your forearm to your hand through a small space in your wrist called the carpal tunnel. The median nerve controls movement and feeling in your thumb and first three fingers (but not your little finger).

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.png